What you need in a development platform for Digital Power Electronics - Free Webinar

Tuesday June 5th at 12 noon California time (3pm Eastern)

As a power electronics engineer Greetings, you know that power converters are becoming more efficient, less expensive and often more variable with load and operating point. 

ELMG Digital Power are offering you the opportunity to attend our regular webinar on Digital Power Electronics.

This is an hour webinar on that details the accumulated ELMG Digital Power experience of what features, capabilities and tools you need in a digital power electronics controller. 

Join ELMG Digital Power's regular monthly Digital Power Webinar and expand your Digital Power knowledge and expertise. 

The webinar will be hosted and presented by Dr. Hamish Laird  ELMG Digital Power’s CTO and presenter and teacher of the Digital Control of Power Electronics Workshop.  Hamish has 25 years experience the design and implementation of varied digital control systems and IP for power electronics.

This exciting opportunity is free and includes a 15 minute Q&A session with Dr. Hamish.

The webinar is scheduled for June 5th at 12 noon California time (3pm Eastern).

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